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Meet Our Team Riders!


Meet the team! From young adults, to aspiring amatuers, we are so proud of Team Double Clear!

Rachel & Sully

Rachel started training with Nancy in 2012. In the Spring of 2014 Nancy helped Rachel find Sully. The pair has recently moved up to Training level eventing and passed the C3. Rachel is an HB/C3 and is a member of Bath Pony Club. Sully is a 14 y/o TB who has experience competing at the training level with another student of Nancy's.

Sage & Molly

Sage transitioned from years of riding Western reining horses to eventing when she purchased two off-the-track Thoroughbreds at the age of 13. She is an AP Class of 2015 student at Medina High School, a C-2 Pony Club member and participates in 4-H and Reining IEA. Sage plans to compete Molly and Excel at the Novice level in the 2015 show season before going to college to become an equine sports medicine veterinarian specializing in lameness diagnostics, treatment and surgery.


Beka & Halo
(also riding Blue)

 Rebeka is 12 years old and started riding horses 4 years ago.  She is currently riding and competing both Halo and Blue, leased from Betsy Shaw.  Beka has been involved in USPC for the last 4 years and is a member of Bath Pony Club.  She is currently rated a D3 Traditional and hopes to complete her C1 HM and Flat in 2015.

Anthony &
Devil's Currency

Anthony is 14 years old and has been riding for 5 ½ years. Anthony started riding with Nancy at the end of 2013, looking to advance his skills and focus on Eventing. Anthony is planning to ride the 2015 season at the Beginner Novice level. Anthony currently rides and owns Devil’s Currency, a 21 year old TB with a huge heart and a face for cookies. They were the 2014 NEOMTA Starter division champions. Anthony hopes to become a mounted police officer and strives to ride in the Rolex 3-day one day.

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Lauren & Daisy
(also riding Peanut & Baron)

Lauren has been in Bath Pony Club for over 5 years and is a C1HM, D3Flat & Jump.  Her favorite part of horses is not just riding but taking care of her ponies by herself.  Her goals for 2015 are to finish the C1 rating, work towards C2 HM, qualify for Pony Club Champs in games with her pony Peanut, compete Daisy 1st level dressage and her horse Baron in eventing.

Kalynn & Cody
(aka Moonlight Maverick)

Kalynn is 12 years old. She has been riding since she was about 5 years old, enjoying them all from school horses to stubborn ponies. So many have made an impact and still hold a place in her heart. Cody fell into Kalynn's life October 2013 as a pasture pony who everyone said couldn't do much.  He and K fell in love and will do anything for each other. After leasing him for a year, Cody became part of the family in Fall 2014. He is a Mustang and a comedian! Other than riding, Kalynn enjoys taking pictures, jumping on all fours, and.... hmmm, well, more riding.

Jenna & Piper

Jenna is a student at Kent State University who won’t let college keep her out of the saddle. Jenna started riding with Nancy as her coach around age 6 and has been hooked ever since. Jenna found Piper in 2009 and since then they’ve been working on growing together, learning together, and becoming a better team. Piper is a 9 year old Arabian/Haflinger cross. Jenna and Piper have been riding at Starter level and her goals for 2015 include competing at Beginner Novice.

Brandi & Aiden

Brandi is a junior in high school and she has been eventing since she was eight years old. Her horses name is Aiden, a 14 year old OTTB. She hopes to finish the year with successful Training rounds and a few Preliminary events.  Also,  she hopes to have consistent dressage tests and positive show experiences for her and Aiden!

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